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Abstract #3367

An extension to UNFOLD to handle breathing motion, and flexibility in k-t sampling schemes

Hoge W, Madore B
Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women's Hospital

UNFOLD is a fast-imaging method, used in dynamic imaging. It suppresses aliasing artifacts by forcing them to behave in a conspicuous manner through time, so they can be filtered away. But motion, and/or departures from a regular sampling scheme in k-t space, can disturb UNFOLDs temporal strategy, and reduce its ability to suppress artifacts. Our method is an extension to UNFOLD, able to handle these types of disturbances. We show here, in a myocardial-perfusion application, that our extended approach significantly suppresses artifacts, when breathing motion is present. Furthermore, we show that it can handle departures from the usual UNFOLD k-t sampling strategy, which is useful, for example, when designing self-calibrated parallel imaging methods.