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Abstract #3380

TrueFISP Blade Imaging in the Steady State (TrueBLISS)

Barkauskas K, Sunshine J, Griswold M, Duerk J, Hillenbrand C
Case Western Reserve Univeristy

Blade Imaging strategies have significant oversampling of low spatial frequencies, which allows self-correction of inconsistencies across data segments. Applications for blade imaging exist beyond its conventional use in TSE-based anatomic and diffusion scans of the head. This work proposes Blade Imaging in the Steady State with TrueFISP magnetization preparation (TrueBLISS), which achieves the highest SNR per unit time with T2 consistency across the blades while maintaining the self-correction features of the blade trajectory. TrueBLISS demonstrates expected image contrast and low artifact levels in the abdomen of an asymptomatic volunteer.