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Abstract #3431

Measurement of White Matter Perfusion Using ASL-MRI at 4T

Jahng G, Weiner M, Schuff N
University of California, San Francisco

To achieve white matter (WM) perfusion using a pulsed arterial spin labeling (ASL) method, using various post labeling delay times was optimized to measure WM perfusion, The ASL protocol was applied on 7 subjects using EPI and Turbo-Flash (TFL) acquisitions at 4 Tesla. The ratios of gray matter (GM) to WM CBF were consistently higher on TFL (average 1.61) than on EPI (average 1.45). Furthermore, TFL acquisitions achieved more stable CBF measurements than EPI in various brain regions. In conclusion, by optimizing post labeling delay times in conjunction with TFL based acquisitions, WM CBF can be measured at 4T MRI.