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Abstract #3474

Highly Constrained Backprojection: A Method for High Spatial and Temporal Resolution in DCE-MRI of Breast Cancer

Fain S, Wieben O, Kelcz F, Wu Y, Wu Y, Mistretta C, Brittain J
University of Wisconsin

This work exploits the sparse nature of contrast-enhanced subtraction data in DCE-MRI to constrain the location of signal changes associated with contrast kinetics in breast tumors. Spatial resolution and signal to noise is preserved by using a composite image made up of a wider temporal aperture of projections, with contrast dynamics determined by a much smaller subset of projections. The technique is well suited to data sets in which the object is relatively static. Results in simulations show accurate contrast kinetics in a complex lesion with as few as 40 projection angles while maintaining high spatial resolution and SNR.