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Abstract #3486

Whole Body MR Imaging vs. FDG-PET: Comparison of Diagnosis Accuracy of M-stage in Lung Cancer Patients

Ohno Y, Nogami M, Koyama H, Takenaka D, Sugimura K, Kawamitsu H
Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine

Whole-body MRI has the capability for cancer screening and/ or staging similar to FDG-PET. However, no direct comparisons about diagnostic accuracy of M-stage in lung cancer were reported. The purpose of the present study was to prospectively compare diagnostic accuracy of M-stage between whole-body MRI and PET in lung cancer patients. 70 lung cancer patients underwent whole-body MRI and PET, and compared their diagnostic capabilities on per patient basis. There were no significant difference of diagnostic capability between two methods (p>0.05). In conclusion, whole-body MRI can accurately diagnose M-stage in lung cancer patients, similar to PET.