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Abstract #3489

Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI as a Predictor of Residual Tumor after Photodynamic Therapy with TOOKAD (WST09) for Locally Recurrent Prostate Carcinoma after Radiation Therapy

Haider M, Wilson B, Trachtenberg J, Weersink R, Davidson S, Gertner M, Toi A, Evans A
University of Toronto

The purpose of this study was to determine if DCE-MRI could predict the presence or absence of residual prostate cancer in patients after ablative treatment with photodynamic therapy (TOOKAD-PDT) for locally recurrent cancer after radiation therapy. DCE-MRI predicted residual tumor with sensitivity 10/10 (100%), specificity 5/7 (71%), PPV 10/12 (83%), NPV 5/5 (100). DCE-MRI can play an important role in not only delineating treatment response in this population but also help guide therapy and determine whether re-treatment is necessary without the need for repeat biopsy. DCE-MRI is an accurate method for predicting the presence of residual tumor after TOOKAD-PDT.