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Abstract #3491

Assesing T1 Accuracy for DCE-MRI Functional Imaging: The Effects of Measurement Sequence and Number of Flip Angles

Knowles B, Walker-Samuel S, Collins D, Leach M
Insitute of Cancer Research

Fast imaging sequences are essential for good temporal resolution in DCE-MRI. There are many available for potential use, and all have advantages and disadvantages. Four sequences were evaluated for their effectiveness in DCE-MRI. Attributes examined were T1 calculations, imaging times and SNRs. The sequences examined were IR, SR, and 2D, 3D GRE. The SR and IR sequences gave the best SNR and had the fastest imaging times, whilst the 3D GRE sequence performed adequately and all three produced similar T1 accuracies. 2D GRE gave highly inaccurate T1 values. 3D GRE also has the advantage of providing volume coverage.