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Abstract #3502

New dendritic Gd-based contrast agents with PEG cores for tumor imaging

Fu Y, Wendland M, Novikov V, Raatschen H, Knudsen M, Nitecki D, Boyd Z, Pietsch H, Shames D, Brasch R
University of California San Francisco

Intravascular Gd-based contrast media have prolonged angiographic effect and great potential in MR imaging to quantitate microvascular characteristics. To overcome existing drawbacks of current macromolecular formulations, a series of new Gd-based dendritic contrast agents with polyethyleneglycol cores (PEG, MW 3400 to 12000 Da) and different generations (4 and 5) was originally synthesized. Representative compounds (e.g. Gd-based PEG12000-Gen4 dendrimer) showed great potential as blood pool agents with molecular weights less than 25 kDa, and 2-fold higher relaxivity than Magnevist, and were able to differentiate microvascular permeaility between implanted human breast cancer and normal musculature in athymic rats by DCE-MRI technique.