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Abstract #3504

Simultaneous Hyperpolarization of Multiple 13C Molecules In Vitro & In Vivo: Towards Rapid Metabolite Mapping By MRS & MRI

Bhattacharya P, Norton V, Lin A, Harris K, Leupold J, Perman W, Ross B, Hennig J, Weitekamp D
California Institute of Technology, Huntington Medical Research Institutes

The goal of this work is to achieve simultaneous hyperpolarization of multiple 13C reagents for fast imaging and spectroscopy of metabolites in vitro and in vivo. To facilitate routine hyperpolarization trials by PASADENA, GE Healthcare, Malmo has developed an automated polarizer for the initial steps of synthesis and polarization transfer, presently installed at Huntington Medical Research Institute, Pasadena. The polarizer was individually optimized for the production of two hyperpolarized water soluble molecules. Since the difference in J couplings for both the molecules is small, it is possible to apply polarization transfer sequence optimized for one to the other with negligible (2-3%)loss in polarization. The formation of dual hyperpolarized product was observed in vitro & in vivo by fast 13C CSI and Multiple Echo 3D FIESTA sequences developed on a clinical 1.5T GE scanner. The spatial, spectral and dynamic information of multiple hyperpolarized species can be obtained in real time.