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Abstract #3506

Molecular Imaging of Inflammation in Atherosclerosis Plaque Using Functionalized MRI Contrast Agent

ALSAID H, Chaubet F, Sulaiman A, Zahir C, Lancelot E, Canet-Soulas E, Letourneur D, Briguet A, Bourdillon M, De Souza G
Laboratoire de RMN UMR CNRS 5012. UCB Lyon1-ESCPE

We propose to evaluate arterial wall contrast enhancement with new macromolecular agent functionalized to target atherosclerostic plaques inflammation in ApoE-/- mice. The CMD-A2-Gd-DOTA (P717) was modified into functionalized product (CM8S) to target adhesion molecule P-Selectin. Each product were marked with rhodamine and evaluated in ApoE-/- and C57BL/6 mice at 2Tesla MRI by pre and post-contrast T1 (90m) SE. Signal enhancement was measured by Creatools software. The MRI data were correlated to histo-pathology, immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence. Measurements show specific enhancement with CM8S in ApoE-/- where it is co-located with P-selectine as shown by immunohistochemistry and fluorescence but not in control mice.