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Abstract #3512

RGD Targeted Poly(L-Glutamic Acid)-Cystamine-(Gd-DOTA) Conjugate for Detecting an Angiogenesis Biomarker &[alpha]v&[beta]3 Integrin with MR T1 mapping

Ke T, Wang X, Jeong E, Parker D, Feng Y, Lu Z
University of Utah

Specific and effective imaging of angiogenesis is critical for more accurate detection of angiogenic diseases and assessment of the effectiveness of antiangiogenic therapies. RGD targeted poly(glutamic acid)-cystamine-(Gd-DOTA) conjugate was prepared for detecting the angiogenesis biomarker ?v?3 integrin with MRI. The binding affinity of the targeted conjugate was evaluated by an in vitro method. The in vivo targeting efficacy of the targeted agent was investigated in an animal tumor model with conventional MRI and T1 mapping. The RGD containing conjugate was efficacious for in vivo targeting the ?v?3 integrin, which was effectively detected by quantitative MR T1 mapping.