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Abstract #3527

A non-overlapping phased array coil for parallel imaging of the hip at 3.0 T

Banerjee S, Majumdar S, von Morze C, Tropp J, Karpodinis K, Carvajal L, Vigneron D
UCSF, UCSF/UCB Joint Graduate Group in Bioengineering

We introduce an eight channel phased array coil for high resolution parallel imaging of the hip, facilitated by the high SNR provided by high field strength (3.0 T) and an optimized FIESTA-c sequence. A non-overlapping design consisting of small receiver loops was selected based on the good parallel imaging performance predicted by numerical parallel reconstruction simulations. Capacitive meshes and system preamplifiers provided the necessary decoupling. We demonstrate the capability for rate-3 acceleration for hip imaging, and predict that accelerations up to 4-5 along a single direction should be possible for this coil.