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Abstract #3545

Registration Technique of Endoscopic Scintillator on MRI Using Optical Position Sensor for Early Detection of Gastrointestinal Stromal Cancer

Sato H, Iida H, Iwadate Y, Tsukamoto T, Koshino K, Teramoto N, Yamamoto A, Enmi J, Goto T, Watabe H
National Cardiovascular Center Research Institute

FDG-PET is widely used for clinical screening, but its sensitivity for small cancer is insufficient. Previously reported combined PET-MR approaches have same limitations and require massive developments. We propose a cost-effective registration technique of a high sensitive endoscopic scintillation probe on MR images using optical sensor and infrared reflective marker attached on subjects. Dummy probe with point signal source was intubated into the esophagus of a swine and also into a simulated phantom to evaluate accuracy and repeatability of actual locations for MRI and PET fusion imaging. Maximum S.D. of 4mm indicated proposed approach should be feasible.