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Abstract #3551

Parallel Transmit with a single Exciter and a Multi-Channel Controller

Vogel M, Watkins R, Schulte R, Wiesinger F, Koenig H, Lange D, Gross P, Loew W
GE Global Research

The use of multiple RF excitation coils, each connected to an exciter board with microsecond control over the individual waveforms has been proposed as a solution in the context of TransmitSENSE. This requires substantial changes to a clinical MR scanner, and addition of expensive hardware. Here we assess the potential of scalar amplitude and phase control in a simplified setup, using a single RF exciter in combination with a Multi-Channel Controller (MCC) to split and adjust the excitation waveform. The concept was tested using four transmit coils, arranged in a planar configuration to assess performance with very strong B1 variation.