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Abstract #3555

MR imaging of mouse heart in vivo at 4.7T using the homebuilt RF probehead and gradient system

Heinze-Paluchowska S, Skorka T, Jasinski A, Wiertek R, Skora P, Kiczek J, Borowiec P
H. Niewodniczanski Institute of Nuclear Physics PAS

In this report, results of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of cardiac function in mice in vivo, using the homebuilt gradient coils and specialized RF probehead are demonstrated. An unshielded gradient system with inner diameter of 60 mm was designed and constructed for the 4,7T/310 magnet with MARAN DRX console (Resonance Instruments). Dedicated probehead, constructed to fit the gradient system, consists of the RF birdcage coil and the animal handling system. The homebuilt probehead and gradient system enabled us to achieve good quality cardiac MR images of wild-type mice (FVB) and transgenic mice with heart failure (Tgq*44). Morphological and functional changes can be studied non-invasively applying these hardware components.