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Abstract #3558

Evaluation and Minimization of the Difference in MR Perfusion Maps among Softwares

Kudo K, Sasaki M, Yamada K, Terae S, Tha K, Yoshida Y, Miyasaka K
Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine

In MR perfusion, different analysis software produces different perfusion maps. The purposes of this study are, (1) to evaluate the difference of perfusion maps analyzed by different softwares, and (2) to assess the methods to minimize those variations.Source data of MR perfusion were postprocessed by 15 different ways by using 8 commercially available softwares. Visual assessment was performed with and without automated color-scale adjustments (ACSA).The appearance of perfusion maps significantly differed between the types of analysis softwares. The differences became smaller with ACSA.The ACSA can be used to minimize the variations of MR perfusion maps.