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Abstract #3598

Detection of Myocardial Wall Motion Abnormalities Using Real-Time TSENSE

Cook S, Bello G, Raman S, Simonetti O
The Ohio State University

The study compares real-time TSENSE SSFP cine imaging with conventional segmented breath-hold SSFP cine. Imaging was performed on 27 subjects referred for clinical CMR for a variety of indications. Real-time imaging without breath-hold or ECG synchronization, and segmented, retrospectively gated, breath-hold SSFP were performed at identical slice positions. Myocardial wall motion was scored for real-time and breath-hold images using a 17-segment model. Scores for all 17 segments showed very good agreement (median &[kappa] = 0.75) between the two techniques. Real-time cine with TSENSE can be used effectively to evaluate regional wall motion.