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Abstract #3604

3D-T1&[rho]-weighted MRI of the Hip Joint at 3T

Vieira R, Regatte R, Cavalcanti C, Kubilay S, Schweitzer M
NYU Medical Center

The purpose of the work was to demonstrate the feasibility of measuring 3D-T1 MRI for in vivo quantitation of hip cartilage at a 3T clinical scanner. The global average T1l value of the hip cartilages varied from 38.381 to 42.0049 ms. The average regional T1l values varied from 34.7239 to 39.4343 ms, and from 42.1434 to 45.0563 ms for anterior and posterior regions, respectively. The preliminary results demonstrate that it is possible to quantify 3D-T1 MRI of hip joint in vivo without exceeding the RF power deposition at 3T clinical scanner.