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Abstract #3627

Spin-Labeling Muscle Perfusion Imaging at 3 Tesla

Martirosian P, Boss A, Schick F, Claussen C
University of Tbingen

The aim of this study was to demonstrate the feasibility of ASL muscle perfusion imaging using a clinical MR set-up at 3 Tesla. Eight healthy volunteers (mean age 32) participated in this study. A pulsed ASL sequence with FAIR spin preparation and TrueFISP readout strategy was implemented in a 3 Tesla MR scanner. Perfusion-time curves could be recorded with a temporal resolution of 6.4 sec. The perfusion of the musculature reached a maximum approximately 2 minutes after exercise with perfusion values of up to 220 ml/min/100g tissue showing good delineation between active muscles and non-active muscles.