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Abstract #3630

MRI assessment of changes in calf fluid level during medication challenge

Zuo C, Dobbins R, Nunez D, Villafuerte R, Butman M, Henry M, Orban B, Brown A, He Y, Renshaw P, Brown J
McLean Hospital

We have evaluated the feasibility of using proton and sodium MRI to detect possible fluid retention in eleven young and healthy male subjects during medication challenges of nifedipine and fludrocortisone. Fluid level change was determined by MRI signal changes compared to baseline. Physiological parameters including body weight were also measured for comparison. Sodium MRI was found sensitive for the detection and showed that fludrocortisone caused a +4% increase in calf fluid level versus a weight gain of 1.4% compared to baseline within 2 weeks while nifedipine induced a +2.5% calf fluid accumulation versus a 0.8% weight gain within 3 weeks.