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Abstract #0014

Whole-Brain Non-Invasive Hemodynamic Imaging, Enabled by a Novel CBV-Weighted Single-Shot 3D VASO-FLAIR GRASE Sequence Combined with CBF-Weighted ASL and BOLD FMRI, Identifies Regional Hemodynamic and Metabolic Discrepancies

Manus J. Donahue1, Jakob U. Blicher2, Bradley J. MacIntosh1, Karla L. Miller1, Leif Ostergaard2, David A. Feinberg3,4, Matthias Guenther3, Peter Jezzard1

1Clinical Neurology, The University of Oxford, Oxford, UK; 2Center for Functionally Integrative Neuroscience, Arhus University Hospital, Arhus, Denmark; 3Advanced MRI Technologies, Sebastopol, CA, USA; 4University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, USA

VASO-FLAIR magnetization preparation, previously limited to single-slice imaging, is appended to a single-shot 3D-GRASE readout to generate whole-brain CBV-weighted maps. CBV-weighted courses are compared to BOLD and CBF-weighted ASL during and following motor and visual stimulation. The 3D-GRASE VASO-FLAIR approach gives similar CBV traces to those found from single-slice techniques and corresponds well with BOLD and ASL. Following stimulation, the BOLD post-stimulus undershoot is larger and endures longer in visual cortex compared to motor cortex, whereas CBV and CBF returns to baseline at the same time.