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Abstract #0097

The Influence of K-T BLAST on Intracranial Aneurismal PC Velocity Mapping Data

Pim van Ooij1, Joppe J. Schneiders1, Marieke E.S. Sprengers1, Ed van Bavel2, Charles B.L.M. Majoie1, Aart J. Nederveen1

1Radiology, AMC, Amsterdam, Noord - Holland, Netherlands; 2Biomedical Engineering & Physics, AMC, Amsterdam, Noord - Holland, Netherlands

k-t BLAST is a measurement acceleration technique by undersampling k-t space. This indicates that some data will be lost during acquisition. It has been shown that phase contrast angiography measurements in the aorta can be accelerated without significant loss of data. In this study it is tested if k-t BLAST can also be used in PCA measurements of intracranial aneurysms without significant loss of accuracy. It is shown that if an aneurysm is large, results are more accurate than in a small aneurysm. A possible explanation is that small aneurysms contain a relatively large amount of pixels where velocity is low and thus where difference between full measurement and k-t BLAST velocities is large. If aneurysms are large enough (>5 mm), k-t BLAST can be used without much loss of accuracy.