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Abstract #0100

Cutting the Cord - Wireless Coils for MRI

Oliver Heid1, Markus Vester2, Peter Cork3, Peter Hulbert3, David William Huish3

1H Technology and Concepts, Siemens, 91052 Erlangen, Germany; 2H IM MR PLM SC, Siemens, 91052 Erlangen, Germany; 3Technology and Innovation, Roke Manor Research, Romsey, Hampshire, UK

MRI scanner workflow improvement will result from replacing the existing cable connection from patient coils to image processing system with a cordless link. A multiple input multiple output microwave link system is proposed. Parametric upconverters in the patient coils will convert Larmor signals from the coils to microwave frequency. A transceiver array integrated into the bore will provide the local oscillator and receive functions. Parametric amplifiers implement upconversion with gain in simple and cheap circuits. Since only patient coils in the field of view are active the system is ideally suited to whole body scan.