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Abstract #0126

Development of the Brain Default Mode Network from Wakefulness Into Slow Wave Sleep

Philipp G. Smann1, Renate Wehrle1, Victor I. Spoormaker1, David Hhn1, Henning Peters1, Florian Holsboer1, Michael Czisch1

1Max-Planck-Institute of Psychiatry, Munich, Germany

We report preserved DMN activity throughout all human NREM sleep stages, including so far unreported human slow wave sleep, from EEG validated group analysis. Vigilance was found a critical determinant of general DMN strength and of posterior and anterior DMN nodes as well as temporomesial contributions. We observed retreat of temporomesial contributions to the DMN, possibly related to reduced access to memory during sleep, reduction of PCC/retrosplenial and thalamic contribution, likely reflecting more the arousal systems, and increasing decoupling of medial prefrontal areas from the DMN, that may reflect reduced self-awareness.