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Abstract #0145

The Value of MRS Detectable Lipids as Prognostic Markers in Paediatric Brain Tumours

Martin Wilson1,2, Carole Cummins2, Leslie MacPherson2, Yu Sun2,3, Kal Natarajan2, Nigel P. Davies2, Theo N. Arvanitis2,3, Risto A. Kauppinen4, Andrew C. Peet1,2

1Cancer Sciences, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, West Midlands, UK; 2Oncology, Birmingham Children's Hospital Foundation Trust, Birmingham, West Midlands, UK; 3School of Electronic, Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, West Midlands, UK; 4Dartmouth Medial School, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, USA

Brain tumours are an important cause of childhood morbidity and mortality and new approaches to brain tumour assessment and therapy are a priority for cancer research. In this study, short-echo time single voxel in-vivo 1H MRS was used to investigate 121 pre-treatment peadiatric brain tumour cases. Patients were followed-up for period of up to 5 years and lipids were found to be predictive of long term survival.