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Abstract #0159

MRI Monitored Uptake of Manganese in the Mouse During Continuous Administration Using Osmotic Infusion Pumps

Maria Rosario Sepulveda1, Tom Dresselaers2, Uwe Himmelreich2, Frank Wuytack1

1Laboratory of Ca2+-transport ATPases, Department of Molecular Cell Biology, K.U.Leuven, Faculty of Medicine, Leuven, Belgium; 2Biomedical NMR-unit / MoSAIC, K.U.Leuven, Faculty of Medicine, Leuven, Belgium

NeuroMRI studies using manganese as a paramagnetic contrast agent are often limited by the neurotoxicity of Mn2+. Fractionated injections can reduce the toxicity; however, we hypotisezed that a constant administration at very low doses will reduce toxicity even more without affecting the T1-weighted contrast. For this purpose we evaluated the T1 changes observed by implanting subcutaneously a mini-osmotic infusion pump loaded with MnCl2 in mice. This administration route simulates better the chronic exposure reported in some patients. Evaluation of temporal changes in contrast allow monitoring of uptake and clearance in the brain and several glands.