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Abstract #0176

SAR Hotspot Reduction by Temporal Averaging in Parallel Transmission

Ingmar Graesslin1, Julia Weller1, Ferdinand Schweser2, Bjoern Annighoefer3, Sven Biederer4, Ulrich Katscher1, Tim Nielsen1, Paul Harvey5, Peter Brnert1

1Philips Research Europe, Hamburg, Germany; 2IDIR / University Clinics, Jena, Germany; 3TU Hamburg-Harburg, Hamburg, Germany; 4University of Lbeck, Lbeck, Germany; 5Philips Healthcare, Best, Netherlands

This paper presents a novel approach for local SAR reduction by exploitation of the temporal degree of freedom of multi-shot imaging sequences. It is based on successive application of RF pulses with the same target excitation pattern, but different spatial distributions of SAR, levelling out by time averaging.