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Abstract #0196

In Vivo Imaging of Tumor Hypoxia Using 19F MRS of Trifluoromisonidazole

Ellen Ackerstaff1, Mihai Coman1, Sean Carlin1, Sean A. Burke1, Kristen L. Zakian1, Khushali Kotedia1, Joseph O'Donoghue1, Clifton C. Ling1, Jason A. Koutcher1

1Medical Physics, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY, USA

Tumor hypoxia has been related to treatment response. We used in vivo 19F-MRS/MRSI of Trifluoromisonidazole (TF-MISO) to evaluate tumor hypoxia in two animal tumor models. Intratumoral TF-MISO concentrations were only moderately influenced by tumor growth in both tumor models. The breathing of 21%O2, 95%O2/5%CO2, or 100%O2 did not significantly influence intratumoral TF-MISO levels in the MCa tumor, whereas in R3327-AT tumors, breathing of 100%O2 decreased significantly intratumoral TF-MISO levels in tumors below ~600mm3. Our results suggest that hypoxia imaging by 19F MR of TF-MISO may help to identify tumors that can be successfully reoxygenated and, thus, sensitized for radiation therapy.