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Abstract #0240

Versatile Fitting Tool for Simultaneous Modeling of Spectral Arrays Using Prior Knowledge Restrictions in Two Dimensions

Daniel Guo Quae Chong1, Johannes Slotboom2, Chris Boesch1, Roland Kreis1

1Department of Clinical Research, University of Be rn, Bern, Switzerland; 2Neuroradiology, Inselspital, Bern, Switzerland

A versatile fitting tool for 1D and 2D MRS data is introduced. It uses a hierarchical spectral model that allows for complex prior knowledge implementation. In the second dimension, constraints for common frequencies, widths or phases can be enforced, while predefined amplitude relations allow to fit further parameters, like T2 or T1. It was successfully used for a time series of spectra with varying concentration of a single metabolite, determination of T1 s in a simulated saturation-recovery spectra, and 2DJ data.