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Abstract #0311

3D Radial Multi Gradient Echo Dynamic MRI for Characterization of Microvasculature in Tumor Models Subjected to Respiratory Motion

Julien Vautier1,2, Melanie Heilmann3, Christine Walczak1,2, Jol Mispelter1,2, Andreas Volk1,2

1U759, INSERM, Orsay, France; 2Research Center, Institut Curie, Orsay, France; 3Computer Assisted Clinical Medicine, University Medicine, Mannheim, Germany

Preclinical dynamic MRI to characterize microvasculature in tumor models is typically performed with gradient- or spin-echo sequences and Cartesian k-space sampling which is not optimal for tumors subjected to respiratory motion. Radial k-space sampling, rather insensitive to motion, should be more appropriate. In this study, we have developed and validated a 3D radial multi gradient echo sequence. It allows for simultaneous measurement of T1 and T2* upon contrast agent administration at 1min30 time resolution. A first in vivo study comparing 3D Ktrans maps for two contrast agents of different molecular weights was performed on motion animated subcutaneous tumors in mice.