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Abstract #0322

Phase Contrast Ultra Short TE; a More Reliable Technique for Measurement of High Velocity Turbulent Stenotic Jets

Kieran O'Brien1, Saul Myerson2, Brett Cowan1, Alistair Young1, Matthew Robson2

1University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand; 2University of Oxford, Oxford, UK

The reliability of phase contrast (PC) magnetic resonance velocity measurements in high velocity stenotic jets has been questioned. The best method to reduce errors due to intravoxel dephasing is to shorten the TE; however, in conventional Cartesian PC sequences the TE cannot be shortened adequately for reliable clinical diagnosis. We present an alternative technique that utilizes velocity-dependent selective-slice-excitation and centric-radial readout trajectories to minimize TE. Velocity measurement occurs over the shortest time window resulting in reduced intravoxel dephasing and better agreement with a high velocity (~10m/s) stenotic phantom. Clinical feasibility was demonstrated in a patient with aortic stenosis.