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Abstract #0392

In-Vivo RF Power-Controlled B1 Shimming with Tx/Rx Array and with Tx Array Combined Rx Only Coil Without B1 Measurements

Tamer S. Ibrahim1, Yik-Kiong Hue, Lin Tang2, Tiejun Zhao3, Fernando E. Boada, Howard J. Aizenstein

1Bioengineering and Radiology, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, USA; 2University of Oklahoma; 3Siemens Medical Solutions

Several major obstacles have dampened wide implementation of multi-transmission methods including requirements to have the knowledge of how the RF fields produced by current MRI coils/arrays behave in every imaged subject using B1 field measurement/mapping prior to performing the multi-transmission experiment. This work aims overcoming this subject-dependence issue while maintaining a high-SNR intact through the development of subject-insensitive multi-transmit arrays with receive-only inserts.