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Abstract #0410

Noninvasive Therapeutic Evaluation on Rodent Liver Tumor Treated with Vascular Disrupting Agent: Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Correlation with Microangiography and Histology

Huaijun Wang1, Junjie Li1, Feng Chen1, Yicheng Ni1

1Catholic University of Leuven, Leuven, East Flanders, Belgium

This study aimed to document tumoricidal events after a vascular targeting agent ZD6126 in rodent liver tumors with clinical MRI in correlation with postmortem microangiography and histopathology. Rhabdomyosarcomas in rat liver were treated with i.v. injection of ZD6126. Therapeutic outcomes were evaluated morphologically and functionally with 1.5T MRI. Diffusion-weighted imaging and dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI successfully monitored vascular shutdown by ZD6126 at 1h after treatment, prior to the advent of morphological change of tumor size at 48h, which were verified with microangiography and histopathology. Clinical MRI allowed monitoring of ZD6126-related vascular shutdown, necrosis, and neovascularization of liver tumors in rats.