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Abstract #0418

Noninvasive Detection of Carboxypeptidase G2 Activity in Vivo using 19F 3D CSI

Yann Jamin1, Lynette Smyth1, Simon P. Robinson1, Thomas R. Eykyn1, Caroline J. Springer1, Martin O. Leach1, Geoffrey S. Payne1

1Institute of Cancer Research and Royal Marsden NHS trust, Sutton, UK

Carboxypeptidase G2 (CPG2) is a bacterial enzyme used in cancer chemotherapy to activate selectively non toxic prodrugs into potent cytotoxics in tumors. We demonstrate that 19F 3D CSI can be used in combination with a surface coil to monitor dynamically and quantitatively the CPG2-mediated conversion of the reporter probe 3,5-difluorobenzoyl-L-glutamic acid (3,5-DFBGlu) into 3,5-difluorobenzoic acid (3,5-DFBA). This method could provide important information on the level of CPG2 activity in patient undergoing CPG2-based therapy.