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Abstract #0502

Calcium Titanate Based Ceramic Resonators for High Field Magnetic Resonance

Kristina Haines1, Thomas Neuberger2, Michael Lanagan3, Elena Semouchkina3, Andrew Webb4

1Electrical Engineering, Penn State University, USA; 2Huck Institute, Penn State University, USA; 3Materials Research Laboratory, Penn State University; 4Radiology, Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, Netherlands

A high sensitivity resonator was constructed from CaTiO3, relative permittivity 156, Q value of 2081, for magnetic resonance experiments at 600 MHz. This design is simple to construct, avoids wavelength effects, is highly mechanically stable and is low loss. The sample is placed in a volume of strong, homogeneous B field and very low E field. High resolution images of zebrafish have been acquired using this probe.