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Abstract #0535

Resolution of H3proS and H3proR Deuterations in [2-13C]glutamate

Tiago Brandao Rodrigues1, Ins Ribeiro Violante1, Sebastin Cerdn1

1LISMAR, Instituto de Investigaciones Biomdicas CSIC, Madrid, Spain

We provide a protocol to discriminate the 2H substitution of the H3proR or H3proS hydrogens of [2-13C]glutamate. Using 13C MRS at 18.8T, we detected the existence of two different isotopically shifted singlets in the glutamate C2 resonance of brain extracts of deuterated animals as derived from the deuterium substitutions in 3R or 3S, respectively. We show that the H3S depicted a lower value of vicinal isotopic shift (δ 1=-0.058ppm) while the H3R originated the higher-field resonance (δ 1=-0.071ppm), measured relatively to the [2-13C]glutamate C2 resonance.