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Abstract #0544

Deformation-Based Morphometry in the R6/2 Huntington's Disease Mouse Brain

Stephen J. Sawiak1, Nigel I. Wood2, G B. Williams1, A J. Morton3, T A. Carpenter1

1Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK; 2Department of Pharmacology, University of Cambridge; 3Department of Pharmacology, University of Cambridge, UK

With the relative ease of creating transgenic mouse models of disease, mice are increasingly used for studying pathology. Automated analysis techniques are of increasing importance to deal with overwhelming amounts of data. Having previously examined the phenotype of the R6/2 Huntington's model with voxel-based morphometry (VBM) here we present our findings with an increased dataset of 116 images, using deformation-based morphometry (DBM), showing it to be more sensitive in finding differences within the same tissue classes.