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Abstract #0623

QUIPSS II with Window-Sliding Saturation Sequence (Q2WISSE)

Ruitian Song1, Ralf B. Loeffler1, Claudia M. Hillenbrand1

1Radiological Science, St Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, TN, USA

In Q2TIPS [quantitative imaging of perfusion using a single subtraction II (QUIPSS II) with thin-slice TI1 periodic saturation], a train of periodic saturation pulses is used to minimize variable transit delay error in assessment of perfusion. A new scheme referred as Q2WISSE (QUIPSS II with window-sliding saturation sequence) was developed to reduce SAR while still maintaining the sharp slice profile by using window-sliding saturation pluses to replace the train of saturation pulses. The method was tested on seven volunteers for both brains and kidneys, and a good agreement was found between Q2WISSE and Q2TIPS methods.