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Abstract #0679

Quantification of Dynamic In Vivo 3-D Muscle Moment Arms Using Cine-PC MRI

Nicole A. Wilson1, Abrahm J. Behnam1, Frances T. Sheehan1

1Rehabilitation Medicine, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, USA

This is the first study to characterize the relative moments of the individual quadriceps components in vivo during dynamic volitional activity using phase contrast MR imaging. Accurate values of musculotendon moment arms are essential for modeling applications, determination of musculotendon material properties, and the study of pathology. Current results serve as a basis for exploration of how pathologies, such as patellofemoral pain, effect and are affected by the moment arms and relative moments of the knee joint. The methodologies developed advance the use of phase contrast MRI for full 3-D tracking of bone, tendon, and muscule during a single experiment.