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Abstract #0755

3D SAP-EPI Motion-Corrected Fast Susceptibility Weighted Imaging

Samantha J. Holdsworth1, Stefan Skare1, Karley Marty1, Matus Straka1, Roland Bammer1

1Lucas MRS/I Center, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA

Typically, the 3D GRE sequence has been used for susceptibility-weighted imaging (SWI). However, this suffers from a long scan time, which decreases patient through-put and increases the chances of motion artifacts. A 3D GRE-EPI trajectory has been proposed as a faster alternative. However, unless the data are acquired with several interleaves, the images may suffer from considerable blurring and geometric distortion artifacts. Here, a 3D short-axis readout propeller (SAP)-EPI trajectory used with parallel imaging is suggested as an alternative approach to both 3D GRE and 3D GRE-EPI. With its inherent ability to allow motion correction and fast scan time, 3D SAP-EPI may be a useful candidate for SWI, particularly in uncooperative patients.