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Abstract #0766

Highly-Accelerated Cardiac Cine MR Imaging Using Kats ARC (Autocalibrating Reconstruction for Cartesian Sampling with K- & Adaptive-T-Space Data Synthesis)

Peng Lai1, Anja C. Brau1, Philip J. Beatty1, Ajit Shankaranarayanan1

1Applied Science Laboratory, GE Healthcare, Menlo Park, CA, USA

In this study, a new fast imaging approach (kats ARC: Autocalibrating Reconstruction for Cartesian Sampling with k- & adaptive-t-space data synthesis) was developed for fast cardiac MRI. On 5 healthy volunteers, kats ARC was simulated by decimating full cine k-space datasets offline and compared with conventional ARC, sliding window and k-t ARC. Based on our quantitative comparison and visually assessment, kats ARC generated images with the lowest reconstruction error and the highest temporal fidelity, especially with high acceleration factors. This work demonstrates that kats ARC is a promising technique for highly-accelerated cardiac MRI.