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Abstract #0778

Towards Dynamic Shimming in a 31cm Bore 9.4T System: Analysis of Shim-Shim Inductive Interactions

Dustin Wesley Haw1, Blaine Alexander Chronik1

1Physics and Astronomy, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada

There are two types of challenges surrounding dynamic shimming: one is shim-shim interactions, and the other is interactions between the shim coils and the rest of the system. We report on the severity of shim-shim interactions for all axes up to 2nd order in tesseral and 3rd order in zonal. The mutual inductances between all shim axes were calculated based on realistic discrete wire patterns. Mutual inductive interactions between realistic shim axes are dominated by only a few coil combinations. Furthermore, it is possible to redesign these axes to reduce this interaction to manageable levels.