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Abstract #0813

Accurate Assessment of Ventricular Volumes in a Single Breath Hold Using a 32-Channel Coil and an Extracellular Contrast Agent.

Victoria Parish1, Sergio Uribe1, Gerald Greil1, Tobias Schaeffter1

1Division of Imaging Sciences, King's College, London, UK

In this study, we propose to evaluate a 3D cine whole heart balanced SSFP sequence on a 1.5T scanner which allows ventricular volume assessment in a single breath hold without compromising accuracy of volumetric analysis. This was achieved using a 32 channel cardiac coil with increased SENSE factors. The loss of myocardial-blood pool contrast due to the 3d-acquisition is overcome by administration of a Gd-DTPA contrast agent. Comparison of the 3D balanced SSFP sequence acquired post injection of contrast with the traditional 2D method showed excellent agreement.