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Abstract #0815

Model-Based Reconstruction for Free-Breathing Cardiac CINE Imaging Using GRICS

Pierre-Andr Vuissoz1,2, Freddy Odille1,3, Brice Fernandez1,4, Maelene Lohezic1,4, Adnane Benhadid1,2, Damien Mandry1,5, Jacques Felblinger2,6

1IADI, Nancy-Universit, Nancy, France; 2U947, INSERM, Nancy, France; 3Centre for Medical Image Computing, University College London, London, UK; 4Global Applied Science Lab., GE healthcare, Nancy, France; 5CHU de Nancy, Nancy, France; 6CIC-IT 801, INSERM, Nancy, France

A new reconstruction method (GRICS) constrained by physiological signals such as respiratory belt has recently been applied to ECG triggered black blood images. We propose here an extension of GRICS for 2D SSFP Cardiac CINE imaging. A description of the piecewise linear cardiac phase reconstruction is presented. From a free breathing subject, 18 slices covering the whole heart volume in short and long axis were reconstructed. For each of these (256x256) 40 seconds long acquisitions, image quality was comparable to breath hold acquisitions. This demonstrates the possibility of whole volume cardiac CINE imaging in free breathing.