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Abstract #0842

Bulk Susceptibility Mapping Using Ultrashort TE Spectroscopic Imaging (UTESI)

Jiang Du1, Alan Chiang1, Atsushi M. Takahashi2, Christine B. Chung1, Graeme M. Bydder1

1Radiology, University of California-San Diego, San Diego, CA, USA; 2Global Applied Science Laboratory, GE Healthcare Technologies, Menlo Park, CA, USA

Bulk magnetic susceptibility (BMS) effects have received attention in high resolution solid state NMR and in MR imaging of heterogeneous or compartmentalized structures, such as the Achilles tendon and bone. It is difficult to directly quantify BMS effects in these short T2 tissues using clinical MR scanners with conventional sequences. Ultrashort TE spectroscopic imaging (UTESI) provides high resolution imaging of short T2 tissues, and allows BMS effects to be evaluated in vivo. In this study we applied the UTESI technique to investigate BMS in the Achilles tendon and cortical bone of healthy volunteers using a clinical 3T scanner