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Abstract #0845

MR Multi-Parametric Approach to Evaluate Osteoporosis at 3T: T2, T2*, ADC, Gi and 1H-MRS Measurements in Healthy, Osteopenic and Osteoporotic Subjects.

Silvia Capuani1, Mauro Rebuzzi1, Fabrizio Fasano2,3, Gisela Hagberg2, Marco Di Mario4, Bruno Maraviglia5, Vincenzo Vinicola6

1CNR-INFM SOFT, Physics Department Sapienza University of Rome, Rome, Italy; 2Santa Lucia Foundation, Neuroimaging Laboratory, Rome, Italy; 3Siemens Medical, Milan, Italy; 4Santa Lucia Foundation, Radiology Department, Rome, Italy; 5MARBilab Enrico Fermi Center, Rome, Italy; 6Santa Lucia Foundation, Rehabilitation Hospital, Rome, Italy

Aims of this study were: 1) to correlate T2, T2*, ADC and Gi of the calcanei spongy-bone measured in healthy, osteopenic and osteoporotic women with their correspondent bone-marrow fat-content, assessed by 1H-MRS and their T-score 2) to assess the ability of each MR parameter to predict the osteopenic and/or osteoporotic status of bone; 3) to identify the MR-parameter which better predicts the bone fracture risk. Our results show the great potentiality of ADC and T2* in combination with 1H-spectroscopy in the diagnosis of osteoporosis. This study highlights that the best parameter to assess the bone status is skeletal-site-dependent.