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Abstract #0868

High Positive Contrast Generation of a Subvoxel Susceptibility Deviation in Ultrashort TE (UTE) Radial Center-Out Imaging at 3T

Peter Roland Seevinck1, Hendrik de Leeuw1, Clemens Bos2, Chris J.G. Bakker1

1Image Sciences Institute, Department of Radiology , University Medical Center, Utrecht, Netherlands; 2Philips Healthcare Best, Best, Netherlands

In this work the artefact of a spherical subvoxel susceptibility deviation in ultrashort TE (UTE) center-out radial imaging was characterized. UTE imaging can be used to generate high positive contrast from susceptibility inhomogeneities with long T2 suppresion. Increased CNR compared to conventional imaging methods with longer TE was observed, related to the lack of dephasing of the signal pile up created by the inclusion. Simulations have indicated that this imaging strategy may be well suitable for the detection of small amounts of (super)-paramagnetic substances.