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Abstract #0903

In Vivo Assessment of the Number of Iron-Labeled Cells Using T2 Quantification

Jean-Christophe Brisset1,2, Virginie Desestret1,2, Sebastien Marcellino1,3, Emilie Devillard1,4, Fabien Chauveau1,2, Florence Lagarde1,3, Serge Nataf1,4, Norbert Nighoghossian1,2, Yves Berthezene1,2, Marlene Wiart1,2

1University of Lyon, Lyon, France; 2CNRS, UMR 5220; Inserm, U 630; Insa de Lyon; Creatis-LRMN, lyon, France; 3CNRS, UMR 5180; Laboratoire des Sciences Analytiques, villeurbanne, France; 4Inserm U842; NeuroOncologie and NeuroInflammation, lyon, France

The purpose of our study was to test the hypothesis that T2 quantification could be used in vivo to estimate the number of iron-labeled cells into the brain. Macrophages were incubated in the presence of Ferumoxtran-10 or anionic nanoparticles AMNP and stereotaxically injected in the striatum of mice. MRI was performed at 7T using multi-slice multi-echo imaging for T2 quantification. There was an overall fair agreement between the number of injected cells and the number of cells estimated from T2 measurements. Further studies are needed to assess the potential of this approach to estimate small number of cells.