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Abstract #0905

Gadonanotubes as a Dual Modal T1 and T2* MRI Contrast Agent: Magnetic Property Characterization by SQUID Magnetometry

Michael L. Matson1, Lon J. Wilson1

1Department of Chemistry, Rice University, Houston, TX, USA

Ultra-short, single-walled carbon nanotube capsules (US-tubes) internalized with aqueous gadolinium-ion clusters (Gadonanotubes) are a dual modal MRI contrast agent capable of decreasing both T1 and T2*. The magnetic properties of both the empty, US-tube nanocapsules and the Gadonanotubes were measured via SQUID magnetometry. The results suggest the empty US-tube nanocapsules have a superparamagnetic domain, while the internalized aqueous Gd3+-ion clusters of the Gadonanotubes posses a separate paramagnetic domain. These two domains together allow for significant shortening of both T1 and T2*.