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Abstract #1033

Metabolite T2 Mapping in the Healthy Rhesus Macaque Brain at 3 T

Songtao Liu1, Oded Gonen1, Lazar Fleysher1, Roman Fleysher1, Brian Soher2, Chan-Gyu Joo3, Eva-Maria Ratai3, R. Gilberto Gonzlez3

1NYU School of Medicine, New York, NY, USA; 2Duke University, Durham, NC, USA; 3Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, USA

The rhesus macaque brain is an advanced model system for the study of neurological diseases. To correct for unknown T2 weighting in MRS quantification, the T2s of NAA, Cho and Cr in gray and white matter (GM and WM) structures of rhesus macaques were measured at 3T. Data was acquired with 3D multivoxel proton MRSI at 180uL resolution. The results show that the macaques NAA, Cr and Cho T2s, 316, 177 and 264ms, respectively, did not differ between GM and WM. These values are in agreement with human 3T in vivo results.